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Smart Phones, Service Members & PTSD Treatments

Smart Phones, Service Members & PTSD Treatments

The computer age has dramatically impacted the practice of medicine.  No matter what specialty of health care you look to, technology has enabled new tools to support the work of providers and facilitate the healing of patients -- behavioral health is no exception.

Mobile computing platforms, such as smart phones and tablet computers, provide capabilities that can provide constant, "hip pocket" access to a range of potentially helpful tools.

Using Technology to Help Battle PTSD

The Boston Globe,By Chelsea Conaboy,August 20 2012

Before returning to treatment, former Army bomb technician Brian Sullivan used a smartphone app to cope with PTSD. Brian Sullivan, a former Army bomb technician, quit treatment for post traumatic stress when, he said, doctors began pushing him to take medications he didn’t want.

Military, VA release New Mobile App for PTSD Therapy

Military, VA release New Mobile App for PTSD Therapy

The military has released a new mobile app designed for post-traumatic stress disorder patients in a therapy known as prolonged exposure. PE Coach was developed by the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs and offers users a mobile way of assessing symptoms, recording therapy sessions, receiving reminders for homework and appointments and learning more about PTSD.

PE Coach

PE Coach Mobile Application

PE Coach is the first mobile app designed to support the tasks associated with prolonged exposure treatment for PTSD. Providing hip-pocket access to the necessary tools for successful PE participation, the app includes audio recording capability for easy playback after sessions; tools to support patient tasks between sessions; and visual displays of symptom reduction over time.

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