What People Say About T2's Provider Resilience App

Nothing’s more persuasive than a review from someone who’s actually used a product. Here at T2, we welcome comments from those who use our free psychological health apps, even to let us know that a feature doesn’t work right or that a new update made their data vanish (oops—sorry!). We need that type of information so we can fix things and make our products better. But we love hearing about when things work, and when our apps help people’s lives. This week we continue a series of blogs featuring what people like about T2’s apps.

The Provider Resilience app is designed to help health care providers monitor their emotional health and watch for burnout, compassion fatigue and secondary traumatic stress. A recent survey showed that more than three-quarters of all providers experienced emotional exhaustion, which in turn impacted the quality of care they gave patients. The Provider Resilience app, co-developed with the Department of Veterans Affairs, helps providers:

  • Do self-assessments and track their resilience levels over time.
  • Set reminders to take time off work.
  • Watch videos of service members talking about the impact providers had on their lives.
  • Take breaks with inspirational sayings, exercises and comics.
Here are some comments from actual users about this app:

“This is a very cool app! Best regards.”

“I LOVE this app! Thank you. I think I would like it more if the daily rating were things that can be done each day…Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.”

“Thank you for this wonderful app.”

“User friendly Does what it says it does. No hiccups yet. I use it but as a trauma counselor. Still very accurate and applicable.”

“Love this! Just what I needed! I forwarded it to my whole agency!”

“This is a fabulous tool for sustaining provider resilience. I downloaded this app to my iPad today while watching a webinar presentation at work by (a T2 psychologist). Thank you.”

“Hi, I've been in the healthcare field for 24 years, have had many highs and lows throughout. Many times, especially early on, didn't have a way to relieve the stress that the job brought...I thought I was doing a good job taking care of myself. This app is a great way to visualize how you are feeling. I would add one section though. A place to write what went well. Often times we only look at the negative aspects of what we do when we really need to be focusing on the positive. We can't save everyone so we need to find the good in even the worst of situations. I have found that writing down (daily) 2-3 things that went well (which was hard at first) helps me look at the world in a much better light. Now I can write 10-12 things each day. Overall, I'm looking at the day in a more positive way which not only makes me feel happier it also makes the people around me happier too. It's a simple task that can go a long way. Thanks for listening!”

Cathy McDonald is the Staff Writer for the National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2).

The views expressed are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the National Center for Telehealth & Technology, the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health & Traumatic Brain Injury, the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government.


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