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Get a Better Night's Sleep with a New Military Health Podcast

This is the second of a four-post blog series on new military health podcasts produced by Defense Health Agency Connected Health.

New Podcast Series for Military Beneficiaries and Health Care Teams

This is the first of a blog series on new military health podcasts produced by the Defense Health Agency. This initial post highlights why podcasts are a useful resource both for military beneficiaries and their health care teams.

How I Began to Prescribe Mobile Apps in Therapy

In an earlier blog, I related how I first used a mobile app with a patient. “George”, an Operation Enduring Freedom veteran, spent two weeks at home and then two weeks off working in the Texas oilfields. His complex schedule was complicating his cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia (CBT-i) treatment, and he had a hard time remembering to keep a sleep diary to track his sleeping patterns.

Educational Workshops Train Military Providers to Integrate Mobile Apps into Clinical Care

As the Education and Training Program lead at Defense Health Agency (DHA) Connected Health, I get a lot of questions from providers about what to expect from one of our mobile health training workshops. My answer? You’ll get a ton of great information on integrating mobile health applications into your clinical care, including what you need to know about security, privacy and ethical issues. These workshops are interactive, allowing clinicians to role-play sessions and gain hands-on, practical experience that can be integrated into their clinical care.


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