National Mental Health Month…Mobile App Challenge

Did you know that May is National Mental Health Month? During this month, organizations across our nation are making efforts to follow the president’s proclamation to improve the mental health of our citizens, both in and out of uniform. Taking a personal part in this effort is easier than you may think. All you have to do is answer a challenge.

OK, so answering a challenge may not always be easy, but this challenge can be easy, fun, AND good for you. Here it is:

We challenge you to use mHealth to improve your mental health!

See, doesn’t that sound easy? No? It is. Just install a mobile app supporting mental health on your smartphone or tablet and commit to using it daily for the month of May. Be sure you select one that is both easy to use and provides value to you. Check the user reviews as they are often left by people just like you, looking for the same benefits. Let me give you a head start by suggesting how you might use one of these apps to improve your mental health. Now, I’m partial to T2’s apps, so the examples provided are from our developers, but the suggestions apply to any similar app you might favor.

Track your mood with T2 Mood Tracker. Apps like this give you an easy way to log your moods and even include short notes about what is influencing them. At the end of the week or month, use the easy to read graphic format to review how your moods have changed and what may be affecting them. If you’re seeing a provider, you can also send them your tracked data right from your phone.

Learn relaxation breathing from Breathe2Relax. Diaphragmatic breathing is one of the most successful techniques for reducing stress and controlling anxiety and anger. Breathe2Relax and apps like it provide step-by-step instructions on the technique, including interactive and customizable coaching. A few sessions with this app and you will feel your stress begin to fade away.

Gain skills for coping with the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder from PTSD Coach. PTSD affects service members, veterans, and civilians alike, and apps like PTSD Coach can provide valuable education and resources. In addition to learning coping skills for managing symptoms, you can take periodic self-assessments and even access information on in-person resources for support.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of mobile apps that support mental health and wellness. There are literally hundreds of apps available for almost every mobile operating system in use, so you’re sure to find one that will help you.

Accept our Mental Health Month Mobile App Challenge! Install and use an app for the month of May, and at the end of the month visit the T2 Facebook page and tell us how it worked for you.

The challenge is on to make our mental health better.