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PE Coach Mobile Application

PE Coach is the first mobile app designed to support the tasks associated with prolonged exposure treatment for PTSD. Providing hip-pocket access to the necessary tools for successful PE participation, the app includes audio recording capability for easy playback after sessions; tools to support patient tasks between sessions; and visual displays of symptom reduction over time.In addition, PE Coach is integrated with smartphone calendar functionality to encourage patient recall and session attendance.

PE Coach will help providers and patients overcome certain barriers to PE implementation, dissemination, and adherence.



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Additional Information

Prolonged Exposure (PE) is an evidence-based psychotherapy for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Through both imaginal exposure to memories and live exposure to typically avoided situations, PE empowers those living with PTSD as they learn to process their memories and modify their behaviors. The PE Coach application (app) for mobile devices was created to improve convenience for clinicians and patients as they adhere to the procedures of the published PE treatment manual.

Running on the Android and iOS platforms, PE Coach brings the following functionality to your smartphone or tablet:

For Clinicians:

  • Audio record the PE session directly to the patient’s mobile device
  • Receive session-by-session feedback on patient’s homework and practice completion via app use and activity
  • Track symptoms over time to evaluate treatment outcomes


For Patients:

  • Always available in-app homework forms to record completed tasks
  • Audio/visual education on exposure therapy and common reactions to traumatic experiences
  • Interactive respiration retraining
  • Easily accessible session recordings
  • Scheduling capability to ensure the best treatment results

How PE Coach Can Help You

The first step to using PE Coach is getting into treatment with a qualified therapist trained in PE; PTSD is a serious condition that often requires professional evaluation and treatment.

The PE Coach app is designed for use by patients and therapists, together, during clinical care; it does not provide self-help, nor does it provide stand-alone treatment. It is designed to streamline the professionally-guided treatment of PTSD. Experienced PTSD treatment professionals can be found at DoD and Veterans Affairs behavioral health facilities around the world.

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PE Coach was developed in collaboration with the National Center for PTSD and The Center for Deployment Psychology.