DCoE’s National Center for Telehealth & Technology and the VA Office of Mental Health Services developed the Parenting2Go mobile app as part of the DoD/VA Integrated Mental Health Strategy (IMHS). Parenting2Go and the companion online course Parenting for Service Members and Veterans is for military and veteran parents with tools to help them reconnect with their families after a deployment and build closer relationships with their children anytime. Based on original curriculum developed by leading experts, these resources help parents learn how to address both everyday parenting problems and family issues unique to their military experience.

The mobile app has five main components:

  • A tool that helps parents shift gears between work and home in order to be more mentally “present” for their children.
  • Quick tips on topics related to reconnecting with families after a deployment.
  • Tools to help parents when they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed with parenting demands.
  • An evidenced-based strategy that allows parents to count their positive and negative comments to their child.
  • Access to a user’s personal contacts and other resources to support their parenting efforts.

What is IMHS?

The DoD/VA Integrated Mental Health Strategy (IMHS) was established to advance a coordinated public health model to improve access, quality, and efficiency of mental health services for all active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, veterans, and their families. One strategic action focuses on developing readily available self-help resources as a first line approach for struggling individuals who may not otherwise seek help.

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